Make Ansible reboot remote hosts and wait for them to return.



- name: Reboot a host and wait for it to return
  hosts: somehost
  remote_user: root
    # Send the reboot command
    - shell: shutdown -r now

    # This pause is mandatory, otherwise the existing control connection gets reused!
    - pause: seconds=30

    # Now we will run a local 'ansible -m ping' on this host until it returns.
    # This works with the existing ansible hosts inventory and so any custom ansible_ssh_hosts definitions are being used
    - local_action: shell ansible -u {{ ansible_user_id }} -m ping {{ inventory_hostname }}
      register: result
      until: result.rc == 0
      retries: 30
      delay: 10

    # And finally, execute 'uptime' when the host is back.
    - shell: uptime

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