Top Container Security Risks and Best Solutions

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As and when a new technology is introduced, new challenges also becomes an inevitable part in order to implement them successfully.

Let’s consider top 5 container security risks and best practices,

Container Security Risks: Unsecured network traffic & uncontrollable communication between Containers Possible Solution: Implementing Kubernetes – a container orchestration and management devops tools helps to streamline the network control.

Container Security Risks: Using Unverified Images Possible Solution: Downloading the container images from trusted sources is the best approach.

Container Security Risks: Isolating the Docker Containers is a crucial step Possible Solution: Keeping the Host’s network namespace and Host’s process namespace confidentially prevents from any kind of malicious attacks.

Container Security Risks: Privileged Flag – a friend or foe to Container Security! Possible Solution: Eradicating the privileged flag concept completely is the best bet. This will ensure there is no room for attackers to gain access to any of the host devices.

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