Staging deployment with Jenkins & Ansible

Stg deployment flow implemented byJenkins Pipeline tha call Ansible playbook for Staging deployment.



node() {
    try {
        stage ("Get the Code") {
            checkout scm: [$class: 'GitSCM', branches: [[name: "refs/tags/${params.COMMIT_ID}"]], extensions: [[$class: 'RelativeTargetDirectory', relativeTargetDir: 'ansible-access']], userRemoteConfigs: [[url: 'ssh://git@']]]
            checkout scm: [$class: 'GitSCM', branches: [[name: '*/master']], extensions: [[$class: 'RelativeTargetDirectory', relativeTargetDir: 'environment']], doGenerateSubmoduleConfigurations: false, userRemoteConfigs: [[url: 'ssh://git@']]]
            sh 'pwd > workspace'
        stage ("Install Application Dependencies") {
            sh 'sudo pip install --upgrade ansible==${ANSIBLE_VERSION} testinfra docker'
        stage ("Execute role on host(s)") {
            dir("environment") {
                sh "ansible-playbook -i hosts -l staging playbooks/ansible-access.yml"
        stage ("Test Role execution") {
            workspace = readFile('workspace').trim()
            withEnv(["WORKSPACE_DIR=${workspace}", "MOLECULE_INVENTORY_FILE=${workspace}/environment/hosts"]){
                dir("environment/") {
                    sh "testinfra --connection=ansible --ansible-inventory=hosts --hosts=staging ${WORKSPACE_DIR}/ansible-access/molecule/default/tests/ --verbose"
        stage('Tag git'){
                dir("ansible-access/") {
                    sh '''#!/bin/bash
                    if [[ $(git tag | grep "${COMMIT_ID}" | wc -l) -eq 1 ]]
                        then    echo "Tag already exists"
                        else    echo "Tag will be created"
                                git config "jenkins"
                                git config "jenkins@localhost"
                                git tag -a $COMMIT_ID -m "Added tagging"
                                git push --tags
        stage('Start Production Job') {
            build job: 'ansible-access-3-production', wait: false, parameters: [string(name: 'COMMIT_ID', value: "${params.COMMIT_ID}") ]
    } catch(all) {
        currentBuild.result = "FAILURE"
        throw err

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