An example Ansible playbook that validates a Spark cluster (including source for test Spark App)




package com.newsweaver.spark.test

import org.apache.spark.{SparkConf, SparkContext}

 * simple Spark app to calculate Pi
object EstimatePiSparkApp {

  def main(args: Array[String]) {
    val sparkConf = new SparkConf()
    val sc = new SparkContext(sparkConf)

  def runApp(sc: SparkContext) = {
    val count = sc.parallelize(1 to 1000).map { i =>
      val x = Math.random()
      val y = Math.random()
      if (x * x + y * y < 1) 1 else 0
    }.reduce(_ + _)
    println("Pi is roughly " + 4.0 * count / 1000)


- hosts: spark_master
  - name: check connectivity to spark master ui
    # local_action runs task on the machine running ansible
    local_action: "uri url=http://{{ HOST_IP }}:{{ SPARK_MASTER_UI_PORT }} return_content=yes"
    register: spark_master_ui
  - fail: msg='spark master ui is not available'
    when: "'Spark Master' not in spark_master_ui.content"
  - fail: msg='spark workers are not all registered with spark master'
    when: "'Workers:</strong> {{ groups.spark_worker|length }}</li>' not in spark_master_ui.content"

  - name: check connectivity from spark master to spark workers
    wait_for: host="{{ HOST_IP }}" port="{{ SPARK_MASTER_PORT }}"
    - "{{ groups.spark_worker }}"
    #delegate_to runs the task on each of the spark workers
    delegate_to: "{{ item }}"
    - "{{ groups.spark_worker }}"

  - name: download spark test app to localhost
    local_action: "get_url url=https://maven-repo.lan/repositories/releases/content/com/newsweaver/spark/test/spk-test-pi/{{ SPARK_TEST_JAR_VERSION }}/spk-test-pi-{{ SPARK_TEST_JAR_VERSION }}.jar dest=/tmp/spk-test-pi-{{ SPARK_TEST_JAR_VERSION }}.jar"

  - name: upload spark test app to spark master
    copy: "src=/tmp/spk-test-pi-{{ SPARK_TEST_JAR_VERSION }}.jar dest=/tmp/spk-test-pi-{{ SPARK_TEST_JAR_VERSION }}.jar"

  - name: start spark test app
    shell: "{{ SPARK_HOME }}/bin/spark-submit --class com.newsweaver.spark.test.EstimatePiSparkApp /tmp/spk-test-pi-{{ SPARK_TEST_JAR_VERSION }}.jar"   
    register: spark_test_app
  - fail: msg='spark test job failed'
    when: "'Pi is roughly' not in spark_test_app.stdout"

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