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Edward Ensign
Apr 08, 2019
In Cloud
In my opinion, Datadog is the best monitoring tool in the cloud age. For the three simple reasons; Infrastructure Metrics, Application Traces, Log Management, all in a single pane & correlated with events. Datadog was founded in 2010, our founders Olivier Pomel, and Alexis Lê-Quôc, were actually best friends, they coded together in college. Then in post grad, they found both of themselves at a French Telecom Company as the Director of Development and the Director of Operations respectively. Unfortunately, when issues arose, they were always pointing fingers at one another as to whose problem was causing the outage. Therefore they created Datadog, their brainchild. We started off as an infrastructure monitoring company, but we always knew that to be the best company in this niche, we had to monitor applications and logs as well. So slowly but surely we started proving our value to some of the biggest companies in the world. Eventually, we started acquiring other niche monitoring companies that would integrate well into our platform. Now we fully encompass the three pillars of observability into a single pane of glass. That is, Infrastructure Metrics, Application Traces, and Log Management into a single pane of glass. From a technical perspective, we may not have 100% of features of Splunk, New Relic, or Dynatrace, but we have 80-90% of what they have, combined into a single pane (and cheaper). Why people love us, are our ease of use (no query language, just point and click), time to value (measured in hours), democratization of troubleshooting, reduced MTTR, and full visibility into what matters for you & the organization as a whole. But we recognize that you don't want to tear down your existing toolset and start from scratch, that's why we have over 300 integrations that are Datadog supported, including into our competitors Splunk & New Relic. An example of this is when an extremely large department store was having their annual sale, they invited their best customers to the online story 12 hours early. Unfortunately, site crashed and they were losing millions an hour. Two Datadog users from a previous company, installed our free trial, found the problem, and had the site up and running within two hours. However, where we are extremely valuable, is our ability to put events into context across those three pillars. This is because we recognized its nice to know what is happening, but it's far more important to know why - and we give that to you. In addition, we have Machine learning, which auto baselines your environment, so when you are at your kids basketball game on a Saturday and you get that PagerDuty notification and you have to whip out the laptop and get moving, is eliminated. We would be able to warn you on Wednesday of an issue that could happen Saturday. From a business standpoint, we help you consolidate your toolset, spend less time firefighting and more time generating revenue, become more agile, speed up your digital transformation, and so much more. For example, Evernote, a business note taking company, was moving all of their customers notes to GCP, about 10x books in print. They had a timeline of 9 months. After Datadog, it took them 70 days.....whose getting the promotion? If you would like to take a deeper dive with some individuals on the Datadog side, feel free to email me @
Edward Ensign
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